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Quality Group of Companies, which was established in the year 2005, is a diversified and fast-growing company into international trading of metal scrap and logistics.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we have our operations spread across the America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle East. The trading wing deals with procurement and sale of all types of Ferrous scrap and has a fully equipped scrap yard: Al Jawdah Metal Scrap Trading, in Sharjah.

The financial capacity, focused approach and strong market knowledge, exhibited by our professional team is what made us prominent and reliable players in the industry. With our streamlined sourcing and distribution system, we have managed to establish a satisfied customer base, allowing us to maintain professional and positive relation with major manufacturers and steel mills.

As rightly said, recycling is like magic. It’s an art of turning one thing into the other. As children, we must have learnt a lot about why reducing waste and reusing is important. Recycling is known to save a lot of energy, because what we recycle can be easily converted into virgin materials.

The nature of our business very much believes in this. Hence, everything that is discarded or what the world considers to be junk and waste material, fancies us the most! The whole process of shredding the metals and re-molding them into desired shapes and sizes is our way of contributing towards the environment and reducing its burden.

As we all know, the planet earth is not what we inherit from our ancestors, but something what we borrow from our future generations. And it is our duty to build processes and inculcate practices that are not only cost-effective, but more rewarding and preserving. The whole idea of reducing waste and recycling is the stepping stone of our Company’s motto for the last 15 years and many more to come.

Company Timeline

An enterprising person is one who sees opportunity in all areas of life

Company Timeline

An enterprising person is one who sees opportunity in all areas of life

In the year 1998, the 2 brothers, Sanjeev & Nitin Pherwani, laid a foundation by purchasing and supplying Galvanized Iron to Ghana, West Africa, along with sanitary ware.

After successfully completing 3 years in the African Market, a new company by the name Ruchi overseas was established in Mumbai, India. The company then focused on procuring HSM scrap from Dubai, Kuwait, West Africa and sold to various parts of India.

Understanding the geographical and logistical advantage UAE has, in the year 2005, Quality Metal FZE was founded and ever since served as a stepping stone in our vision to expand. Headquartered in Dubai, we continued our operations in UAE, Kuwait, Mauritius, West Africa, India and also expanded into other aspects of the trade.

Qmetco LLC was set up to further make way into newer Asian markets and provide in house logistics support to our clients. After earning our goodwill in India, we began boosting our sales and penetrating into Pakistan and Bangladesh Markets.

As the famous saying goes by, break the monotony, this branch was an outcome of getting too comfortable in what we do. All this while our focus was always on exporting, unknowingly being negligible to the scope and potential of the local market. We then decided to add a new member, a metal scrap yard – where our entire supply chain (procuring, logistics and sales) was focusing to cater he growing demands within UAE and other GCC countries.

The newbie, Metal Masters was founded and our reach has expanded over 5 continents. we have a full-fledged buying and loading capacities in UK, parts of Europe and USA. The American continent has become a very important part of our business and helped us boost our sales.

On completing 15 successful years, The Quality Group of Companies, has indeed seen the graph curve for better. Our focus will always remain to provide our very best and cater to all our clients. Every member of our Group will thrive for being better than yesterday. We will keep growing, expanding and re-inventing ourselves, adding more to the timeline!

Our Expertise

Extensive knowledge, experience, exposure in the metal, shipping & logistics industry.
Wide network & strong due diligence is our strength.
Strong relations with major manufacturers, steel mills and shipping providers.
Excellent know-how of market.

Scrap Metal Solutions

Supply chain is all about getting the right product, to the right place, in the right quantity, with the right quality, at the right total cost. As our name suggests, the main aim for every member at the Quality Group is to provide superior quality of products and services. Our team takes special care to ensure there is no discrepancy in what we promise and what we deliver. Being true to our belief and motto over the years, has not only allowed us to establish a reliable consumer base, but has also help us build good reputation and a brand name for ourselves. We understand that every customer has an eye for detail which can either make a deal or break it. Hence, our ongoing commitment and integrity is what sets us apart from our competitors and makes us prominent in the industry.

We conduct various in-house inspections as well as, have hired external agencies that certify our materials.Along with providing the best quality, we also ensure we meet the growing requirements In the quantity. Our group does an annual business of 460,000 Metric Tons, which is almost 18,500 containers, all of this is delivered without any disruptions or delays!

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We have our global operations over 5 continents





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Our Divisions

We have our global operations over 5 continents


Established in 2005, Quality Metals is responsible for getting the metal scrap trading business off the ground in UAE. Based in Dubai, this journey began with conducting trade within PAN India. Masters of their trade, Quality Metals prides itself in liaising with pioneers of logistics and shipping to provide high standard, integrated supply chain solutions. Our first venture has proved to be a successful intermediary link between U.A.E. and Indian traders.

Al Jawdah Metal Scrap

A steady growth in our business and clientele amplified the demand for our very own scrap yard. Hence, in 2015, Al Jawdah Metal Scrap Trading came into being and started serving as a fully equipped metal scrap yard. As a full service depository and recycling utility solution, Al Jawdah Metals has expanded the horizon for local trade in the U.A.E and in other GCC regions.


Qmetco LLC.

Quality Metals FZE gained a successor in the year 2008, when the South Asian markets opened up and the need for a trader in Indian neighbouring countries materialized. Qmetco specializes in the procurement of quality metal scrap from GCC regions such as Oman and supply them to Pakistani and Bangladeshi scrap buyers.



Metal Masters

Metal Masters - our latest addition to Quality Group was founded in 2019. Parts of Europe, USA and UK have had untapped metal scrap markets which Metal Masters cracked into. Procuring metal scrap from these nations has not only provided trade value to regions like Pakistan but also proved to play an integral role in business by increasing sales twofold.


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We have our global operations over 5 continents

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